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The origin of Wolongquan

Fulai Mountain, the whole mountain looks like a Wolong. Folai Peak in the north is the dragon head, Dinglin Temple is the dragon mouth, in the west, the north-south floating peak is the dragon body, and the south flying peak is the swinging dragon tail. Dragons can make clouds and fog, and dragons cannot live without water. Wolong Spring is like the water of life, moistening the Jiaolong in the quiet lying mountain, warding off evil spirits and rejuvenating the country. Legend has it that a long time ago, there was no mountain in Fulai Mountain. To the west is a pool of deep water. There is a dragon in the pool. Suddenly one day, the young monk at Qishan Temple, after stealing the ginseng fruit, flew to Yunnan. The old monk drank the residual soup, chased after it, flew to Luohe, landed on the top of Luoshan, and turned into a monk's peak. The little monk did not know that the master had landed, and he only struggled to fly south, and when he turned around halfway, the earth turned around and turned to the mountain (in the west of the Fort of Bianli). Without seeing the master chasing him, he landed on the lake and became a Buddha. It is the origin of Folaifeng. The peak suppressed the Xingyao Jiaolong, and Wolong Spring is still inlaid with a chiseled stone faucet, which symbolizes this meaning.
Flying south to the mountainside of the peak, a series of natural stone dragons surround the mountain, and the dragon scales, which are large in size, are like artificial chiseling, and they are ingenious. From this we can guess: Was Liu Xie named Wenxin Diaolong for his brilliant masterpiece, was it inspired by the remains of Diaolong?
The water of Wolong Spring is clear and clear. According to experts' research, the spring water is high-quality mineral water, and the water contains many minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It has been determined that the strontium content of Fulaishan mineral water is dozens of times that of Laoshan mineral water. In the past few years, many investors intend to develop mineral water in joint ventures, but we have rejected these developments in order to protect the world's first ginkgo tree. Wolong Spring is a limestone karst cave. The cave holds water throughout the year, similar to Pei Quan in Jade Mountain in Jubei. According to legend, a few years ago, the "dragon fish" (scientific name eel) was inhabited in the spring. Because the Ju land is the only one, it is also known as the "Ju dragon". Later, because the shallow water pool is small, the dragon fish disappeared. This spring is called the "Wolong Spring" standing by the stone monument Yongzhi. This kind of hard water with high specific gravity has extraordinary buoyancy. Many tourists tossed coins into the spring and actually floated on the water for a few minutes, which made tourists interested.
Wolai Mountain Wolong Spring

Legend of Yunlongya

Yunlongya is commonly known as Panlongyan. It is located at the east foot of Feilai Peak, which runs from north to south, and extends to the main peak of Folai. It is about 1 km and is two meters high. The performance is obviously 200 meters. Beamed on the Feilai Peak, there is a pattern of celestial pregnancy on the top: some are like clouds and clouds, some are like dragons playing in the water, some are like curling smoke, some are like monsters soaring... meandering bumps, scattered It's a coincidence, it's a coincidence of ghost and axe carving. The Yunlong Cliff is viewed from the front and the side, and there is a giant dragon lying wave, and a sense of Changhong Wukong. Yunlong's metaphor is true to life. This magical beauty of Yunlong Cliff has a beautiful legend!
At the time of the heaven and earth and mysterious yellow, Xianweng Fuqiu was driving a crane here. When a bad dragon was making waves in this mountain, damaging souls, Fuqiu Xianweng was the Purdue sentient beings. Unexpectedly, the evil dragon refused to conquer the law, desperately struggling, shaking, and even set off vertical and horizontal cracks, which is now the gully, seeing the imminent disaster of landslides and cracks. Seeing the situation is not good, Fuqiu Gong hurriedly pinched Jujuan Mantra to protect Fa Yunlong, and tightly bound the peak of the collapse. The evil dragon tried his best to succumb to tears and said to Rao: "Xian Chang forgive me for not dying, I must make a contribution to atonement and benefit one party..." Xian Weng showed his compassionate heart, and read his thousand-year karma, and took pledge to return to justice Speaking of "Yu regret mantra", shake the dust, sprinkle the water to cleanse the skin, wash the sins of evil dragons, and make sin dragons make Ganquan in this mountain, which is needed by all living beings. Sin Dragon hurriedly responded to the order, and suddenly the two mountains burst into the north and south. Xian Weng is a Yongzhen demon who has been wrapped around the cliff waist for a long time with Yunlong cuffs. The name of Yunlongya begins here. Later, a literati wrote back to the poem under the cliff and said: The mountain comes to the floating hill, and the pool name lies Longquan. Pan Longyun wrapped around his waist, Tan Xuan is a true biography.
Regarding Yunlongya, there is also a legend in our locality: there was a nun nu on the top of the mountain. There were a dozen small nuns and an old nun living in the nunnery. On weekdays, the green light is yellow and the cigarettes are wrapped around, and the incense is very strong. In the eighth year of Yongzheng (1730) of the Qing Dynasty, heavy rain continued in Judi, and it continued to fall for seven days and nights. By June 24, the floods were flooding, floating between the mountains and the roofs of houses, the flat abyss, people and livestock , The roof, trees drift down with the water, countless. Even the villagers who came to Xingjiazhuang under the mountain also abandoned their homes and fled to the north of the village to avoid flooding. At this time, the little nuns of the nun's nunnery stood on the top of the mountain and looked east. They saw the torrential floods inundating the crops and engulfed the village. But the old nun, with her eyes closed slightly and a rosary in hand, said without hesitation: "What's the hurry? No matter how big the water is, it can flood Ben'an and go to bed." The first two trenches climbed straight up to the top of the mountain. After a while, the nun's temple disappeared. When the water receded, it was found that silt wood hung on the treetops on the top of the mountain, but many village houses under the mountain were safe and sound. Up to now, the high ground in the north of Xingjiazhuang Village is still called "stable land".
After the flooding of Feilaifeng, the mountainside miraculously exposed a Panshan Jiaolong, also known as Yunlong Cliff. Today, this article: "The Water Dragon" still shows people from time to time: everything is for everyone. If one side is in trouble, the eight parties will support it.

Seven arms and eight wives, one daughter-in-law

According to legend, during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, the first student of Juxian County came to Beijing to take the exam. On the way to the rain, he went to the huge ginkgo tree to shelter from the rain, and suddenly got interested. To measure the girth of the tree. The scholar even hugged the seven arms before turning to the starting point. When he wanted to hug the eighth arm, he was frightened by the situation in front of him—the young student stood at the beginning of the scholar's tree. It turned out that the young woman also came under the big ginkgo tree to avoid rain. The tree was too big, so neither of them saw anyone. How to do it? The scholar wanted to let the young woman give up, but was embarrassed to speak, but didn’t want to give up his measurements, so he had to change to the method of using his hand and quietly passed to the young woman. The young woman didn't even notice it. But what is the position of the young woman's body? The scholar couldn't think of another way, so he had to count the young woman's body width as a measured length. So the ginkgo tree's surroundings became "seven arms around one wife".
Hundreds of years have passed, and the ginkgo tree's surroundings have already surpassed "seven arms and eight wives and one wife", but the anecdote of "seven arms and eight wives and one daughter-in-law" has been circulating in the surrounding villages for generations.
Seven arms and eight wives, one daughter-in-law

The Legend of Fulai Mountain

There are three peaks in Fulai Mountain in Ju County. The three peaks in Fulai, Folai and Feilai form the lotus seat. The name is very strange, it must have its origin. Indeed, there is a magical legend.
It is said that the place of Lao Juzhou was a vast ocean long and long ago. This statement is credible. Otherwise, how could there be aquatic insect fossils in the stones on the mountain? Legend has it that all the immortals who visited here looked at the landlord Hua Tianbao of Juzhou. Once Wang Yang subsided, a fertile Pingchuan would appear, which would be the source of human civilization.
On this day, the Dragon King of the East China Sea expanded the Dragon Palace. He was disturbed by a mountain nearby and wanted to move the mountain to a place. It reminded me that although Juzhou is a treasure land, but lacks the embellishment of mountains, why not move this mountain to Juzhou, and then return the water there to the East China Sea, let human beings multiply and progress there, and create civilization. Thinking of this, he ordered an old tortoise to climb the mountain and float to Juzhou. When the mountain was just settled, I heard a child on the mountain yelling at the turtle. The old turtle was so strange that he climbed up the slope to see what happened. When I came to see the hillside, it turned out that the third king of the dragon was playing Ginkgo biloba on the mountain. The old turtle didn't find even the prince. The old turtle said: "Don't worry, I will take you back again." After that, the prince sat on the back of the turtle and was returned to the East China Sea. The old turtle returned to the Dragon King: "The mountain is well settled." The Dragon King of the East China Sea faced Juzhou and only sucked it with his nose. The water in Juzhou was gone. A mountain is isolated on this land, because it floats out of the water, so people call it "Floating Peak". Later, a ginkgo tree emerged from the mountain. This was when the third prince played a ginkgo fruit and dropped a grain. This ginkgo tree will grow into a big tree and bear ginkgo fruit every year for people to enjoy.
Besides, Nanhai Guanyin traveled to Juzhou on a sunrise, and saw that the Dragon King of the East China Sea gave a mountain to this outstanding person, which greatly increased the brilliance of Juzhou. Unfortunately, only one mountain was isolated, and the wind was shallow. Adding embroidery to it is a credit to me. Just do it, go back to the South China Sea, return to the South China Sea, call the next Xiushan Mountain, put it in your hand, send it to Juzhou, and set it on the north side of Fulai Peak; Shunwei Mountain comes from the Buddha's land, so it is called "Bulai Peak" ", for mortal generations, and ordered a temple, later called Dinglin Temple.
Famous mountains and good water are not formed in one day. Another day, Baxian Yunyou came to Juzhou, seeing the two peaks of Fulai and Folai disappearing, which really added less to Juzhou. During the discussion, Na Tieguai raised his voice and said, "People say that the Eight Immortals are supernatural and benefit the people everywhere, but the mountain scenery created here is not of our share. We have a lot of Penglai Immortal Mountains, and we moved one for Ju Isn’t it good for the state to do some dedication?" The Seven Immortals readily agreed. Li Tieguai waved his cane and said something in his mouth. I saw a mountain fluttering from Penglai. When the local landed by the south of Fulai Peak, it was called "Feilai Peak". There are mountains and no water, and there is nothing beautiful in the mountains. Tieguai Li does all the good things in the end. A cane pokes on the hillside. This cane is powerful. For a long time, the water flow is constant. Sometimes the East China Sea deaf dragon Sunsunquan travels to Fulai Mountain, and Wolongquan is them. Where to stay.
You see that the beautiful scenery of Fulai Mountain is indeed like a fairy scenery. The forest is lush, the spring water is dingdong, the strange stones are standing, the ancient trees are towering. The ginkgo tree planted by the third prince of the Dragon King is now luxuriantly lush and covered like a crown. Because of its age and size, it is unparalleled today, and is known as "the first tree in the world". The Dinglin Temple at Guanyin in the South China Sea is intact.
Panorama of Fulai Mountain
Floating to Shandong Gate

Fulai Chunxiao